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13:00 - 13:30

Agile Thinking: How Teachers Adjust Instructions in Response to Learner Needs

Nursery - 12th

Room 718

Rhonda Bondie

In split seconds, educators make decisions that promote equity, inclusion, and learning for every student. However, these decisions are not easy or intuitive; they require deliberate work. In this session, we analyze instructional decision-making and develop our capacities to make efficient and effective decisions.

Looking Collaboratively at Student Work

Nursery - 12th

Room 513

Anne Baldisseri, Andrea Davis

Looking collaboratively at student work is not meant to replace the important ways you look at student work by yourself. However, working with others can bring to the surface resources, ideas, and strategies that make individual efforts more productive. The process we will practice together will help teachers try to understand as fully as possible the learner's perspective before deciding what response to make. You may want to join this session if you use projects, exhibitions, or portfolios, and want to make them more effective learning tools for your students, are trying a new teaching approach or learning activity in your classroom and want to look more closely at its impact on your students, and/or are looking for ways to reflect on, discuss with others, and revise your own practice.

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